RNAVT - 3053/2011 and RNAAT -

477/2016 of the Tourism Bureau of

Portugal, I.P.

Magnificat Tours was born within a family project and remains to date a family business. Guided from its inception to the aid of pilgrims visiting the European Marian shrines, the company expanded its services and valences without neglecting its original mission and social responsibilities. Currently, Magnificat Tours has a wide portfolio of clients in all segments, excelling in luxury and reliable services that have always guided its work. Equipped with a fleet or in partnership, we provide Transfer,  Tours - national and international - and we have established Partnerships with several Travel Agencies, Event Organizations, Hotels and Accommodations Places - in a constant diversification of experiences presented to our customers. Always betting on the Tailor-Made concept, any service can be customized in order to meet the vision of our clients.


From a shuttle service with Champagne & Chocolates to celebrate a birthday to pilgrim groups organized to travel from Europe to Mexico. Just as the imagination of our customers is the limit, our Client Managers will always work tirelessly in the customization of the contracted services.
Each client is different therefore , each service is necessarily different. Our shuttle services and tour which are essentially private and exclusive, are tailored to the schedules and customer's profile: Corporate, Family, Leisure & Tourism, Nature. This customization varies in the detail provided: from the choice of location for dining, stop times at each location or even the length of the full service. Each client is assigned a Manager and Escort that fit the profile and the contracted service. And if the Service is Premium, the price is Low- Cost! Contact us, tell us what you need and we will offer you our best available budget without compromise.  
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